Brush cleaner system

A Protection Dome
B Unscrew-able knobs
C Extractable black knob, with lever
D 2 holes for large and small brushes
E Extractable cover
F Rotating brushes (not visible)
G Pins (not visible)
H Luminous button (for cycle start)
I Main switch
J Water tank cap
K Appliance body
L Illuminated push-button (for cycle start)

Vista frontale del macchinario
Hairbc visto dall'alto

Technical details

42 cm
55 cm
1200 W, 230 V, 5,22 Ah
Technical card
2,8 W, 230 V, 0,01 Ah
Motor reducer
96 W, 230 V, 0,78 Ah
48 W, 230 V, 0,4 Ah
Hot air
600 W, 230 V, 5,45 Ah
Water bottle
1,5 lt

To know

The machine is prepared for cleaning all professional cylindrical, oval and fat brushes with standard diameter.


N.B. not suitable for cleaning brushes with natural bristles

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Inserimento spazzole

How Rebrush works

1) Turn on the machine using the main switch (I). Wait a few minutes for the boiler to pressurize.

2) Lift the dome (A).

3) Move the black knob (C) to the left.

4) Insert the cylindrical brush in a vertical position; the fat brush must be inserted with the bristles facing the two fxed rotating counter-brushes.

• NB: Brushes with sizes between 12mm and 18mm must be inserted in the smallest hole provided. The brushes with sizes between 32mm and 43mm will be inserted into the larger hole.

5) Close the dome and press the bright green button: the machine will start automatically.

6) If the signal is red when the dome is closed, it means that:
    a) the dome is not well closed;
    b) the water tank must be flled with one liter of distilled water.

7) If during operation the machine stops and the red signal lights up, fll the tank with a liter of distilled water.

Entirely produced in Italy
Made in Italy