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The evolution of hair coloring preparation and treatments


An automated mechanical mixing system for hair coloring preparation and treatments

HairColor is the innovative Hairbc equipment for salons and hairdressers for preparing coloring creams,
bleaches, and any other hair care product.

With HairColor you bring the Reverse Engineering Technology industrial mixing method to your salon that
reproduces the mixing system at a temperature of 36-38°C used in the industrial preparation of hair
coloring creams.
With its heating capabilities, a bowl made of 316L-type passivated steel (the same alloy as large industrial
mixers), a Plexiglas lid, and a mixer, the automatic HairColor system allows quick and accurate treatment
preparation for perfect mixing of dyes, active ingredients, and formula carriers.

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How HairColor works

HairColor is very easy to use. No special technical knowledge is needed.

With its innovative automated mechanical mixing system for dyes and treatments, HairColor allows
professional hairstylists to obtain a special emulsion that ensures the balanced distribution of all active
ingredients on the hair and skin.
Used with the dye, it will result in a deeper, more even and brilliant color, easier and more precise
application, more intense highlights, and a product saving of about 20%.

Dosing the various components to be mixed correctly is very important to prepare the shade or treatment
with superlative efficiency. HairColor has a built-in scale to ensure perfection by accurately calibration the
weight of every single component.

The advantages of HairColor for hairstylists and customers

HairColor revolutionizes the preparation of hair coloring and treatments with benefits for hairstylists and


Preparing with HairColor is very quick: only 2 minutes. Color application time slashed by about 30%.


HairColor warms the products to the optimal temperature of 36/38°C. This eliminates the thermal shock on the skin and reduces the risk of sensitization of the dye on the scalp.


HairColor transforms hair coloring into an authentic wellness experience that your customers will be happy to try again. Customer retention starts here.


consists of:

A Machine body with a built-in motor
B Three bowls
C Three mixers
D A lid
F A digital scale
  A power cord

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Bring all the benefits of HairColor to your salon

Invest in quality and innovation. Buy an exclusive HairColor unit for your business and offer your customers the best hair coloring treatment.

Ask HairColor for your salon now.

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