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Hygiene and cleaning in hairdressing salons

How to offer the best to customers

The hairdressing and beauty salons represent for each client an experience of well-being for their body and mind, an authentic interlude of relief from daily stress. For this reason it is important for professionals who aim at excellence to pay maximum attention to the furnishing of their work environment, to the choice of up to date equipment and customer needs.

Hairbc has developed a technology that fully meets this need, providing all hairstylists with a revolutionary cleaning and hygienic solution for brushes.

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Hairbc Rebrush in un salone di acconciatura

How to clean the brushes

The technological solution for professionals

Professional brushes come into daily contact with a lot of hair and, inevitably, with microorganisms such as bacteria, coccus, bacillus, lice, viruses and fungi, responsible for diseases such as dermatitis, allergies or baldness. The manual cleaning of the brushes, with detergents or with the use of UV-UVA sterilizers, has proved to be ineffective against these microorganisms, given the lack of a mechanical component for hair removal, unhygienic and very expensive for professionals economically and they are time consuming.


Following 10 years of studies in collaboration with the best research institutes and thousands of hours of field tests, Haribc has developed a solution entirely made in Italy to give brushes the special care they need: Rebrush, the automatic system that combines cleanliness, hygiene and easy use for the benefit of all professionals in the sector and their collaborators.