new life to brushes

The automatic cleaning system for hairdressers salons
that removes the hair from brushes sanitizes in 1 minute


The machine that revolutionizes the world of hairstyling

REBRUSH is an automatic system that through innovative technology ensures the hygiene and cleaning of brushes in hairdressing salons to ofer in every moment an unique quality service exclusive to its clientele.

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What does Rebrush do in 1 minute?
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The advantages for the customers

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The holder ensures the maximum practicality

The outstanding design of the holder guarantees the correct ergonomics and stability as well as ofering useful storage for the regenerated brushes.

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The advantages for professionals

Competitive advantage

The hairdressing salons that use Rebrush for brush cleaning transmit an image of greater professionalism than competitors.

Guaranteed hygiene

Rebrush guarantees high standards of hygiene within the work environment, in front of the attentive eyes of customers.

Rational use of brushes

With the sanitation and regeneration of brushes from one hairstyle to another, professionals avoid accumulating them at the end of the day.

Protection for operators

The hairstylists do not come into contact with dirty brushes, a possible vehicle for microorganisms, parasites or skin infections.

Time optimization

Rebrush operates in complete autonomy: professionals and their employees have more time to dedicate to customers.

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Quick maintenance

Rebrush maintenance is as quick and simple as its use: the correct functioning of the appliance, in fact, requires a fast daily cleaning, which is not at all complex to perform.

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